Saunas and steam baths
To restore luminosity and tone, to reinvigorate body and mind, there’s a personalised wellness suite, with saunas and steam baths. From 15:00 every day, you can take the opportunity to make your stay even more special by choosing your preferred relaxation options from the different rooms available.
Finnish Sauna
Dry heat, with temperature reaching 90°. This offers numerous benefits including vasodilation, improved circulation and boosting the immune system, as well as perfect relaxation.
The ideal treatment for those who cannot tolerate high temperatures and humidity. It’s ideal for a pleasant sensation of warmth combined withe the organic addition of natural mountain herbs.
Turkish Bath
One of the best therapies for combating stress and tension. With its relaxing and toning properties, the steam bath is excellent for restoring vigour and efficiency to the body and eliminating impurities.
Saline Bath
Energy and wellness are the results of this treatment, particularly suitable for clearing the respiratory system, boosting the immune system and eliminating muscular tension.
Our scented Turkish bath, where you can treat your body to relaxation while giving energy to your mind and vigour to your soul. The addition of aromas makes this room particularly relaxing.
Relaxation Zone
Warm and comfortable rooms that aid relaxation. Hot herbal teas and soft music accompany your rest. The ideal place to linger during a session in the wellness centre. A unique pleasure.