Wellness & Spa
The Wellness Centre is equipped with a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, Turkish bath, relaxation areas, Hammam, saline bath and Whirlpool. There is also a gym and a massage area where expert hands perform specialized treatments, rigorously with natural products, aromatic baths in the typical Calderone di Cornetta and relaxing hay baths. Relaxation, skin and sports recovery treatments will make your holiday even more enjoyable and tailor-made.
We have two pools available for our guests, open all day, where you can relax and restore your energy. The main pool is also open to children. It is fitted with water jets for swimming against the current and a jacuzzi area for alleviating muscular tension and stress. The second pool is totally jacuzzi and heated to 37 degrees, beneficial not only to the health, but for overall wellbeing.
Saunas and steam baths
To restore luminosity and tone, to reinvigorate body and mind, there’s a personalised wellness suite, with saunas and steam baths. From 15:00 every day, you can take the opportunity to make your stay even more special by choosing your preferred relaxation options from the different rooms available.
Body massages
Treat yourself to the pleasure of restoring your energy through the ancient art of massage in the skilled hands of our masseuses. Personalised treatments accompanied by their expertise, synergy and natural products, all with a single aim: our guests’ health and wellbeing.
Facial treatments
Be pampered with a combination of high quality products and the experience and skills of our specialists; they can provide a treatment even for the most difficult skin which will restore brightness and relaxation not only to the skin on your face, but your whole body.
Lettino della
Principessa Jolanda
The loving embrace of warm water, the delights of weightlessness and floating. The muscles relax completely, the spine releases and the body is completely given over to the beneficial action of the active principle which can be personalised to suit your needs. A sensation of loving embrace which will leave you with a wonderful memory of your stay.
di Cornetta
A unique moment: mountain tradition combines with relaxation. A private room where you can enjoy an aroma bath of your choice, accompanied by a glass of champagne and the opportunity to relax in a genuine Walser bed, the ultimate encounter with nature and Gressoney tradition.