Facial treatments
Soin Sublimateur Delicat
A single solution to make your friends say "You're looking great!"
Far more than a beauty treatment, this is a genuine “soin” to give your face brightness and glow.
(55 MIN.)
Soin Jeunesse Surhydratant
A single solution to boost your skin's water reserves
An ultra-moisturising treatment to quench thirsty and dry skin for an immediate rejuvenating effect. This treatment gently exfoliates the skin and stimulates cellular metabolism. Active principles such as quinoa, oats and soya protein have an antioxidant, softening and hydrating action, giving the skin immediate relaxation and comfort. The result is smooth, plump skin and blemishes erased. For all dehydrated skins in search of youth.
(55 MIN.)
Soin Densifiance Expert
A single solution to restore tone and compactness to the skin
This treatment uses “DENSIDERM*” complex, the architect that remodels the dermis. Relaunch your skin’s architecture to strengthen its structural fibres: this is the mission of this treatment. Recommended for all skins in search of density and compactness, which are achieved thanks to new-generation active principles which challenge the biological clock. A remodelling effect that lasts. For all mature skins lacking tone.
(55 MIN.)
Soin Totale Jeunesse
An anti-ageing action
This anti-ageing treatment protects the youthful properties of the skin and tops up with moisturising active principles, giving a dual action of exfoliation and rejuvenation.
(55 MIN.)
Soin Extreme Nutrition
A single solution to give comfort to dry skins facing the winter season.
The treatment prepares your skin to defend itself against external aggressors (light, heat, cold, changes in weather). This treatment has a dual action: 1. Gentle mechanical gommage to remove impurities. 2. Protective and nourishing action as in a “cocoon” using a Cream Mask with a pleasantly heavy texture. Perfectly nourished and protected, the skin is visibly brighter. For all skin types.
(55 MIN.)
Soin Peeling Lisse Intense
A solution for a bright, smooth skin
This treatment results in a new skin: for all skin types and all ages. Soin Peeling Lisse Intense gives triple action: exfoliates, refines and perfects the skin, thanks to the cocktail of exfoliating ingredients present in the formula. Immediate peeling effect for all skin types and all ages. The skin texture becomes smoother and cellular renewal is stimulated. The complexion is brightened, purified and mattified. The treatment that gives your skin a new youthfulness.
(55 MIN.)
Soin Eclat Intense Yeux
The solution to illuminate and tone your face
The new treatment concept to make you forget the passage of time.
(55 MIN.)
Soin Nettoyant Hydratant e Soin Nettoyant Renovateur
A solution to cleanse, smooth and refine your skin
In-depth skin cleansing for a perfectly clear dermis, free of blemishes.
(40 MIN.)
Face treatment with Caviar
The loving action that gives your skin hydration and smoothness
Pure extract of caviar containing noble proteins, amino acids, oligo-elements and vitamins A, E and D, which work together to combat the formation of wrinkles and aid cellular renewal, giving the skin deep-down firmness and hydration.
(45 MIN.)
Whole-body treatment
1 Principessa Jolanda session, 1 matiSPA massage, 1 matiSPA facial treatment