Body massages
Vodder Method Lymph Drainage
Manual lymph drainage, developed and applied by the Danish doctor Emil Vodder, is internationally acknowledged as the most effective natural method of combating oedema, lymph stasis, headaches, dark circles under the eyes and all swelling caused by insufficient lymph drainage. This is a very special technique in which the masseur makes extremely light strokes which channel the lymph in the correct direction.
Plantar Reflexology
The main feature of the Dr Leanti La Rosa method is that it is a personalised treatment and, as such, has maximum impact. No standard procedures: the massage is “made to measure” for each person. The method involves a wealth of different movements, to adapt to individual needs; not all of them are for everyone, and there are no pre-set sequences.
(55 MIN. o 30 MIN.)
Since the dawn of time, ancient civilisations relied on stones for medicinal purposes and to rebalance the chakras or adjust negative energy vibrations. The stones slowly give out their warmth. In this respect it is important to bear in mind the different effects of each type of stone, for example a polished stone releases the heat in a slower and more even way. Depending on the condition to be treated, the stone’s action is accompanied by a suitable massage, and the therapy often includes the use of oils or aromas. Hot Stone massage can also be practised with unheated stones, in the case of capillary fragility.
(55 MIN.)
Intuitive massage
A massage with scented candles: the heat generated by the massage oil immediately relaxes the muscles, allowing perfect absorption of the active principles. Hot shivers caress the whole body, the “liquid fire” awakens energy, delicious fragrances rejuvenate the senses and the particular movements give a feeling of deep wellness. Candle Massage is a truly comprehensive treatment which combines the benefits of an intensely relaxing massage with the soft sensation of a skin hydration treatment: an enjoyable pause, an escape from everyday life to e refuge in a delicate, inviting oasis.
(55 MIN.)
The RPO method replaces or complements classic plantar reflexology with a new method based on the implementation of a personalised plan, unconnected with symptoms and in harmony with the individual as a whole. It’s a complete and effective method involving a preliminary analysis followed by the therapy stage. The first stage consists of discovering, transcribing and assessing the reflex data (shape, structure, pain, reactivity, colour etc) and allows the initial reflex report to be identified and a personalised programme of treatment planned; the second stage consists of manual stimulation of the reflex areas in order to strengthen the pro-biotic physiological mechanisms which work every day to keep us healthy. RPO Method
(25 MIN.)
Shiatsu is a form of manipulation using the thumbs, fingers and palms without the use of any other kind of equipment. It consists of pressure on the skin, geared to correcting internal dysfunction, improving health and treating specific illnesses. The purpose of shiatsu is to balance the energy in different parts of the body. Where there is excess tension, effort or energy, it needs to be calmed, reduced and relaxed. Where there is a deficit – weakness, lack of strength and vitality – it needs to be nourished, warmed, toned and enhanced.
(45 MIN.)
Intuitive massage is the “soul of the tactile art” and works thanks to the development of intuitive talent. The empathetic actions and instinctive manoeuvres used in this technique develop the ability to listen to the body, allowing personalised massages to be created. Executed at the right time and using the correct pressure, the movements facilitate the elimination of physiological and emotional tension and produce a state of deep relaxation and harmony.
(55 MIN.)
Sports Massage
Sports massage is a specific type of massage applied to particular areas of the body in order to improve athletic performance. Its benefits include the reduction of muscular tension and relaxation of the tissues.
(25 MIN.)
Stone Massage
AromaTouch technique is a combination of the use of essential oils and their application via touching. This technique gives a unique experience and helps to maintain a state of equilibrium and wellbeing. The AromaTouch Technique confers multiple benefits, due to eight specific essential oils used in combination with massage. The oils used are: Balance and Lavender, Melaleuca and On Guard, AromaTouch and Deep Blue, Wild Orange and Peppermint
(30 MIN.)
Osteopathy is an established system of health support based on manual contact to assess, diagnose and treat various illnesses. This is a form of therapy that focuses on holistic health rather than illness; the approach is causal rather than symptomatic (in fact the cause of pain is often nowhere near the site), investigating the body’s functional alterations which manifest themselves in symptoms that cause pain in varying degree.
(45 MIN.)
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
The gentle and rhythmical breaking of waves on the seashore; the natural harmony of unspoilt places; the hypnotic sensuality of the traditional Hula dance; the power and grace of local martial art Lua: in Hawaii, everything speaks of balance between body and spirit, energy and substance. It is no surprise that this fascinating culture, so perfectly in tune with nature and all living things, has developed an ancient form of massage geared to relaxation, harmony and love. Some years ago the ancient wisdom of the Kahuna masters of this art arrived in the West, and they spread the practice of Lomi Lomi, which means simply “massage” – also called soul massage or loving hands massage. And it’s easy to see why. Lomi Lomi mostly uses the hands and forearms. Through a series of rhythmic, sweeping movements, it releases the muscles and loosens joints; the result is relaxing but also toning, and excellent for the circulation.
(55 MIN.)